Why women talk a lot

Why women talk a lot.

My husband complains that I talk a lot

Actually, that I talk all the time,

I talk over TV programmes and films

I can’t help it, I like my voice, it is mine

Now I feel for all this talking

That there is indeed a reason,

And it is not to do with moonlight,

Tides, stars or season.

The female species is a clever thing,

And we use our mouths to vocalise our intellect

Now for my humble husband who keeps his hidden,

This is something he will never get.

You see, when I point out the obvious

I am checking that my husband has seen it too

He grumbles and grunts that he has

When I know he really hasn’t a clue.

Now the good old telephone is the worst offender,

Five minute phone calls, turn to hours

And with exciting mobile technology,

I can have chats on toilets, in baths or even showers

But alas, for all this talking, I must admit

There is just one person to blame,

And that is my dearest mother,

For she is exactly the same.

Written by Lee Sterrey

March 2010

Updated October 2016

“We will get through life and we will win”

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